Great gifts for motorcyclists 2016

Looking for a gift for a motorcyclist this Christmas? Take a look at our latest products and offers! Send us a message on Facebook or Contact us for any help. 1 - Chain Monkey This popular new tool helps keep maintenance simple, improving motorcycle safety and performance. Bike chains have to be adjusted regularly to [...]

Tru-Tension take on Spain and Portugal

A tour of Spain and Portugal on a Yamaha MT-09 Tracer, a Kawasaki Z1000 and a Triumph Street Triple. Here’s our story, photos, route maps and recommendations! 12 days, 1885 miles and 3 bikes. Day 1 – Santander to Villaprede, via Riano After hopping off the overnight Plymouth to Santander ferry, we headed south to [...]

Caring for your motorcycle tyres

There’s not much better than meandering through a hot and sticky mountain pass amongst beautiful snow-capped scenery, but it can all be spoilt rotten by poor tyre maintenance. A check of your tyres should always be part of your pre-ride checks. Tyres should always be cold when assessing tyre pressure. What should I look for [...]

How to set a motorcycle chain

Keeping your bike’s chain clean, lubricated and to correct tension is essential to maintaining your pride and joy. Correct motorcycle chain tension will: Prolong chain and sprocket life Optimise performance and power delivery Provide a smoother ride Here’s how to set the chain correctly. Setting motorcycle chain tension 1 - Position the bike and read [...]

What to do with my insurance when changing bike?

A colleague in the Tru-Tension office picked up a new bike recently, and it created a discussion about when you should cancel your insurance for your old one. It can be extremely difficult to decide when to cancel your insurance for a few reasons, mainly because you don’t want to lose out financially or endure [...]

How to choose a motorcycle helmet

Of course, no one wants an ugly helmet, or one that is going to break the bank. For years I’ve wanted an Arai helmet, but I just can’t find a model that fits. Remember, safety is paramount throughout this decision. Fallen in love with a design? Like me, if you’ve fallen for a specific design [...]

Tips for emergency braking on a motorcycle

How to emergency brake on a motorcycle It’s much harder to quickly stop a motorcycle than to make a motorcycle go quickly! It takes skill, a bit of knowhow and a lot of practice in a safe place to get it right. How hard should I brake on my motorcycle? The optimum braking point is [...]

Isle of Man 2017

With Michael Dunlop setting an incredible new lap record of 16 minutes 53.929 seconds — 133.962 mph (215.591 km/h) lap time for Hawk Racing BMW, the Isle of Man TT of 2016 was another incredible event for the island. The Tru-Tension team were there supporting Mark Goodings in the Superstock race – here he is [...]

10 handy tips for your motorcycle tour kit list

Packing for a motorcycle tour usually starts as fun and exciting, until you realise that your panniers have quickly filled up and you still haven’t packed any clothes. These tips will help you make the most of the space on your bike. 1 - Miniaturised everything! Baby cans of chain oil and visor cleaner are [...]

Top tips for getting the best price for your bike

With the summer months now well underway and plenty of newly registered motorcycles on the road, there’s plenty of movement in the used bike market. Here are our top tips for getting the best price for your bike. Make it sparkle! An obvious one to start – it might be your rusty old bike, there’s [...]