Chain wax is an essential part of your motorcycle maintenance kit. It’s vital to the health and performance of your motorcycle, and can go a long way in preventing premature sprocket wear.

Best motorcycle chain wax for protection and enhanced performance

Designed by motorcycle chain experts, our industry-leading BananaSlip Chain Wax is a must for all bikers. It’s used all over the world by motorcycle enthusiasts and has become a favoured product for many competitive riders alongside our high-performance BananaSlip Chain Lube.

Its specialist formulation is designed specifically to penetrate deep into the links of the chain before drying externally, leaving a protective layer against water and dirt. It’s also incredibly efficient at reducing frictional losses between the chain and sprocket (up to twice as long as traditional chain oils) enhancing performance and the life of its moving parts.

This exceptionally long-lasting, anti-fling wax ensures the chain is well lubricated, making it perfect for chains that experience both prolonged cycles and high impact environmental conditions.

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How to apply chain wax and protect your chain?

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to apply the BananaSlip Chain Wax to your motorcycle chain. For complete protection and performance, we recommend that you clean the chain before application to remove any existing dirt or grime that may be present from riding:

Step 1: Place the bike onto a stand to allow the rear wheel to be rotated by hand.

Step 2: To apply, spray the chain wax directly onto the chain links while rotating the rear wheel, ensuring you cover all surfaces.

Step 3: Once applied, leave to dry for 5 minutes before riding.

Benefits of BananaSlip Chain Wax by Tru-Tension

  • Precisely formulated for situations where the chain requires high protection against the elements, including commuting, motorway use, every day riding, high-mileage runs, off-road riding and touring.
  • The nozzle is specially designed for easy and precise application, ensuring you only apply where you need it.
  • The chain wax is initially thin when applied, allowing the wax to penetrate all parts of the chain for optimum coverage before quickly drying to leave a thicker protective layer. This prevents the wax from flinging off during use while also reducing frictional losses through precise lubrication.
  • Prolongs the life of moving components while leaving a fresh banana scent.

Other chain cleaning and maintenance products

As well as chain wax, there’s plenty of other awesome products designed to maintain the health of your chain and make sure it’s kept in optimum condition.

Muck Monkey, for example, is an innovative cleaning brush that helps to keep your bike looking fresh, and chain in prime working condition. Made up of four brushed faces with a mixture of short and long durable thistles, it’s extremely effective at removing even the toughest dirt in those notoriously hard to reach places. It’s suitable for the vast majority of motorcycle chain makes and sizes, and can increase the longevity of both your chain and sprockets. Shop now

The Chain Monkey is another essential motorcycle chain maintenance tool. It’s the world’s first precision chain tensioning tool, ensuring accurate chain tension for all chain-driven motorcycles. It doesn’t just save you time, it also improves motorcycle safety and helps to optimise performance. Shop now

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