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Lube and Clean Bundle

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Tru-Tension have combined its specifically formulated cleaners and lubricants from its range to provide the Lube and Clean Bundle for drive chain and bodywork maintenance.

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Start with the PrimeShine Motorcycle Foam Cleaner to give your bodywork and plastics a cleaning boost. The specifically formulated, instant foam action lifts away dirt and grime while its polish content leaves a lasting shimmering shine.

Once the bike is looking like new, point your attention to cleaning the drivetrain with the PrimeShine Chain Cleaner. Its low viscosity action goes to work penetrating deep into the chain links removing dirt to reducing frictional losses.

To finish, protect your chain and sprockets with a perfectly formulated lubricant tailored to your riding needs, pick from the BananaSlip range of Chain Lube or Chain Wax depending on your riding style and surface. Both penetrate deep into the links of the chain to give lasting protection and performance with a fresh banana fragrance.

Improve Performance
Prolong Sprocket Life
Increase Chain Life
Optimise Power Delivery
Smoother Ride

Top Grain Overlay

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