Smarter Motorcycle Tour Planning with Tour Monkey

Motorcycle touring can take extensive planning, preparation and thought to organise. Whether it’s a long distance trip or just a weekend away, Tour Monkey is a valuable resource which allows you to clearly and effectively organise your trip .

Tour Monkey is a motorcycle tour planner designed to keep all of your tour information in one place while in a neat, space saving A5 size planner. No longer do you have wallets full of printed paper and notes, simply fill out your Tour Monkey, pop it in your bag and away you go.

Tour Monkey can hold rider information for up to 6 riders while the daily motorcycle tour planner allows up to 22 days of tour planning with 8 stops per day. Keep track of distances traveled, coordinates, travel times and locations daily while also providing personalised kit and motorcycle check lists all in one place. As an added bonus, when you’ve completed your tour you’re left with a memory book, perfect for looking back on your past tours while the Tour Inspiration section provides you with picturesque recommended worldwide locations for your next tour location.