All in the margins.

Take the stress out of preparation, relax and ultimately… GO FASTER! Gone are the days of slow rear wheel changes with the uncertainty of achieving the correct chain tension. No longer will you have to worry if you’ve correctly tensioned the chain ready for the race. Chain Monkey not only saves you time in the pits, but reduces the wear on moving parts and saves you money. By using Chain Monkey, you can set your chain correctly, first time, every time and concentrate on the track in front of you.



Faster Wheel Changes

Reduce the time taken to change a wheel during a long distance race or race weekend can be the difference between winning and losing. Dramatically reduce your setting time by letting Chain Monkey do the hard work for you.


Improve Performance

Riders using Chain Monkey will improve their bikes performance by enabling optimum rates of acceleration and top speed. Racing with an incorrectly adjusted chain can be costly to your results.

Prolonged Sprocket Life

If the chain is too tight it will cause more friction and wear out quickly. Too loose, and it can jump and snap teeth. By correctly tensioning the chain with Chain Monkey, the sprocket will ultimately wear less and save you money.

Increase Chain Life

Using Chain Monkey will dramatically reduce the risk of chain wear. Reduced friction by correctly tensioning the chain will result in prolonged life of the chain.

Optimise Power Delivery

Incorrectly tensioning the chain to your bikes requirements can result in loss of power, poor power delivery and ultimately slower lap times. Eradicate these problems by ensuring your chain is set perfectly every time.