Less time in the pits. More time on the track.

Kart racers and mechanics alike are looking for ways to tension the drive chain quickly, easily and on the first attempt. The movement of the engine on the chassis as its tightened down always causes the chain to be either too slack or too tight on the first attempt, resulting in time wasted trying to achieve the correct tension.

The Tru-Tension Chain Monkey solves all of these problems by applying the correct tension to the chain before the engine is tightened down. Once removed, it sets the chain with the perfect tension first time, every time, without the need for additional adjustment. So if you’re tired of wasting time to get the correct chain tension, purchase a Chain Monkey today and use that time to reduce your lap times.



Through dyno testing, we have found that kart engines produce more power when the chain is set to a certain tension. After extensive research on a mid-range TKM engine, we established that 10mm of chain travel can increase the power output of an engine by 0.14 HP and torque by 0.17 Nm.

By using Chain Monkey, the precise amount of chain tension can be set every time, meaning you will always have optimum engine performance which will translate in to faster lap times.

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Reduce Lap Times

Improve performance by spending less time worrying about the chain tension and more time driving.

Chain Monkey reduces the time, hassle and worry of achieving the correct chain tension first time every time.

Prolonged Sprocket Life

If the chain is too tight it will cause more friction and wear out quickly. Too loose and it can jump and snap teeth.

By correctly tensioning the chain every time, the sprocket will ultimately wear less and save you money.

Increase Chain Life

Using Chain Monkey will dramatically reduce the risk of chain wear, or throwing a chain during a race.

Reduced friction by correctly tensioning the chain will result in prolonged life of the chain and fewer DNF’s.

Improved Engine Life

Incorrect chain tension can cause all manner of damage to the drivetrain and engine. A chain that’s too tight can bend the crank, whereas losing a loose chain at high revs can cause major internal engine damage.

Correct chain tension will mean less money spent on costly engine rebuilds.

Reduce Time Setting

Less time in the pits, more time on track. Stop wasting time fiddling around trying to correctly tension the chain between races.

Use Chain Monkey and set the chain tension correctly every time. No more panicking on the grid when the chain is too loose, drive with confidence knowing that its perfect every time.